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Porto Cervo

text by Giandomenico Mele

May 7, 2024

The most picturesque spots in Porto Cervo

Hidden and secret corners where all the magic of the island is revealed

Hidden treasures and secret places offer an unconventional journey into the enchantment and mystery of Porto Cervo’s lesser known sites, where beauty reveals itself to the lucky few daring explorers. Porto Cervo is an exclusive and unique destination on the international scene, a place where luxury, sparkling yachts and breathtaking views can be admired alongside fascinating concealed havens, which manifest the magic of the island in all its grandeur.

The beating heart of this beloved village is the Piazzetta, which this year got a makeover. After 60 years, Smeralda Holding, together with Condominio Porto Cervo Prima Fase and in synergy with the Municipality of Arzachena, wanted to restore the former splendor to a jewel of immeasurable value beloved by travelers from all over the world. The piazzetta allows for unforgettable evenings accompanied by the Asian fusion cuisine of Novikov Porto Cervo or the delicious Mediterranean dishes and refreshing drinks of Nuna al Sole. For those who enjoy quality music and international cocktails, the Hotel Cervo Bar is the place not to be missed, while the iconic Hotel Cervo restaurant allows for a dinner with a view of exquisite delicacies.

Let us discover Porto Cervo’s most secluded and suggestive venues together, sites that will enchant and amaze even the most demanding travellers.

1. The secret beach of Cala Granu

Concealed by rocks and surrounded by lush vegetation, the Cala Granu beach is a secluded paradise known to few. Accessible only by sea or following a narrow, picturesque trail, this bay tucked away from the glamourous and most popular beaches of Porto Cervo offers crystal clear waters and absolute calm. The ideal site for those seeking peace and serenity in unspoilt natural surroundings (you can read about the most beautiful beaches in Porto Cervo here).

Cala Granu

2. The Stella Maris garden

Concealed by high stone walls and accessible only through a wrought-iron gate, the Stella Maris secret garden is an oasis of peace and beauty in the heart of Porto Cervo. Amidst centuries-old trees and fragrant flowers, it features an ancient and evocative chapel surrounded by an aura of mystery and spirituality. The ideal place for reflection and meditation, far from the chaos of the outside world (you can find out the full story of Stella Maris here).

Stella Maris

3. Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) is an old wooden bridge along the Porto Cervo coastline, away from the main streets crowded by tourists. This bridge offers a suggestive view of the crystal clear sea and boats sailing in the calm waters along the coastline. It is a special place with an intimate and evocative atmosphere where one can stroll peacefully, admiring the breathtaking view, far from the hustle and bustle. Ponte Vecchio is an ideal place for those seeking a moment of relaxation and contemplation away from the crowds and tourist attractions. Immerse yourself in Porto Cervo’s natural beauty and the enchantment of its timeless magic.

Il Ponte Vecchio


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