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Promenade du Port (ph. Marcello Chiodino)

text Virginia Mammoli

July 3, 2024

Promenade du Port, a unique experience combining fashion, art and taste

Everything you need to know about the beating heart of Porto Cervo

350 square metres of good living in the heart of Porto Cervo, unfolding in a succession of boutiques and ateliers, glamorous bars and restaurants, art galleries and pop-up stores, in a natural and architectural setting that evokes the typical atmosphere of Costa Smeralda and gives the resort created by Prince Karim Aga Khan an even more delightful and unexpected aura. This is Promenade du Port, a two-storey walk that flanks the iconic old port. It’s a place that celebrates art, design and good taste, thanks to leading Italian and international brands. To give a few examples, here you’ll find menswear from Larusmiani and Nautilus Watches, but also Rossana Orlandi’s Summer Gallery and the very best of mediterranean and world food, including, among others, Italo Bassi’s Confusion, Porto Cervo’s Michelin-starred restaurant, traditional Argentine food at El Porteño and Asian flavours at Finger’s. Not to mention the special events such as art exhibitions, open-air concerts and exclusive parties which bring everyone together in this extraordinary place, making the Promenade du Port experience even more memorable.


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