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Spiaggia del Principe

text Antonella Brianda

April 30, 2024

Prince's Beach, its history and how to get there

Everything you need to know about Prince Karim Aga Khan's favourite beach

They say it was love at first sight: for Prince Karim Aga Khan, considered the founding father of Costa Smeralda®, his encounter with the beach of “Poltu di li cogghj” was probably the trigger for his decision to start building his dream in this corner of earthly heaven on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. In ancient times, boats laden with hides - “li cogghj” in the local Gallura language - are thought to have embarked from this lovely cove facing the island of Mortorio.

And it was here, some 60 years ago, that the young Aga Khan’s splendid and fascinating project began. Having fallen head over heels in love with the beach, he decided to make this stretch of the Gallura coast his buen retiro for the years to come. The gaze is awestruck by the pure white of the sand. The crystal-clear blue water is so transparent it almost seems you could drink it. The senses are intoxicated by the heady aromas of the mediterranean scrubland all around. This beach - which since Karim Aga Khan’s first visit has been called the Spiaggia del Principe or Prince’s Beach in his honour - is one of the reasons why everyone should visit the north-eastern coast of Sardinia at least once in a lifetime.

Spiaggia del Principe

A rough diamond today as in the past, the beach remains unaltered and protected, spared from the construction of businesses or villas in the immediate vicinity, so simple and at the same time unique that it leaves all who come here speechless, including the prince himself. To get there, you need to walk along what is effectively an ancient mule track, flanked by low shrubs twisted and sculpted by the Mistral wind.

After walking for ten minutes or so, you’re treated to a view the likes of which can be seen in very few places in the world. The sheltered cove and the shining sea invite visitors to dive into the water, which is extremely shallow near the shore and becomes gradually deeper. But the water is so clear that the seabed remains perfectly visible, even far away from the strand.

Spiaggia del Principe

Although it’s extremely popular with tourists and holidaymakers in summer, low season is the best time to enjoy all the beauty of this stunning place.

In spring, and also in autumn, the beach reclaims its own space and the rhythm of nature is restored, making this gorgeous cove even more spectacular. At this time of year, you might spot some of the wild animals that inhabit the beach when the tourists take their beach umbrellas and head home.

Nearby, just under two kilometres away, is the resort of Romazzino, and even closer is Cala di Volpe: two more jewels Costa Semeralda®.


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